Accident Solution is a group of medical professionals and service providers. We are dedicated to providing optimal healthcare to injured workers and auto accident victims.

Experienced and Dependable
The professionals at Accident Solution have been helping victims of all types of accidents for over 25 years. These cases includes auto accidents, and work related injuries. Our doctors specialize in medical/legal evaluations and treatment, with expertise in evidence-based medicine and ACOEM-compliant treatment protocols.

Skilled and Caring
Our highly skilled medical professionals are among the top doctors in their fields. All medical professionals in our network share a common objective: To provide quality care to the injured within the legislative mandates. Our medical professionals are also skilled at documenting the areas of injury and treatment, which Colossus recognizes as value drivers.

Free Access to Care
As an added bonus, access to our medical professionals and service providers is completely free! Our doctors work on a lien basis, and are prescreened for their ability to produce excellent, ratable reports that fit the needs of the area of expertise requested. Field representatives visit our doctors regularly to ensure that they maintain a high standard of service.

High Availability and Accessibility
Our medical providers are readily available, and will provide prompt and efficient service to individuals who have been injured in any type of accidents. Simply Request a Free Consultation, or call 800-800-6219 to speak with an Accident Solutions Representative today.